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When it comes to finding lavish houses for sale in Henderson, look no further than Real Estate by Areen. Our website lists myriad types of residential properties for you to choose from. You can find a duplex for sale in Henderson, palatial apartments or stately Henderson villas for sale. Our website is continuously updated with new homes in Henderson that are on sale. Peruse our listings to find the home, investment property or vacation home. Contact us for a smooth, hassle-free home buying experience. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the locality, we can help you every step of the way.

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At Real Estate by Areen, we understand your unique requirements for a home or investment property. If you are planning to move to Henderson alone or with your family, we have a great selection of homes for sale in Henderson, Nevada. You can get fully renovated residential properties, spacious apartments with a garden or villas complete with a swimming pool and Spa. We also have a broad selection of new homes in Henderson that you can check out. Some of the features and amenities that you can look forward to including walk-in closets, car parking space, playground for kids, tub and shower combination and fabulous storage options. From 2 BHK apartments to 6 BHK mansions, our website covers residential properties of all sizes and covers various price points.

Whether you are looking for a home, residential property to transform into a vacation rental, a second home to spend your holidays or an investment property, we have exactly what you are looking for. Check out our Henderson homes for sale and decide for yourself. Our team of real estate agents works tirelessly to bring to your notice the most beautiful homes that are for sale. Make sure to keep checking back to find new property listings.

Henderson is an ideal place to buy a home and settle down

Henderson is a fabulous city in Nevada for prospective homeowners. This city is a stone’s throw away from the gambling capital of the world, Las Vegas. Henderson showcases a spread of stunning homes and master-planned communities that makes it easier to move in. The options of entertainment both inside and in the great outdoors make this city a very interesting choice, especially if you want to live away from all the hustle and bustle. The public schools in Henderson are above average and there are several parks, which makes it ideal for families considering a move. The most appealing thing about Henderson is its low cost of living, which makes it a perfect place for individuals used to living a certain kind of lifestyle. So, browse our Henderson luxury homes for sale and find the home of your dreams. Irrespective of whether you are relocating alone, with family or in the hope of starting a family, we have just the right houses for sale in Henderson for you.

2845 Bronzino Ct, Henderson, Nevada 89052

2845 Bronzino Ct

Henderson, Nevada 89052

1207 MacDonald Ranch Dr, Henderson, Nevada 89012

1207 MacDonald Ranch Dr

Henderson, Nevada 89012

27 Via Paradiso Street, Henderson, Nevada 89011

27 Via Paradiso Street

Henderson, Nevada 89011

280 Willow Grove Circle, Henderson, Nevada 89014

280 Willow Grove Circle

Henderson, Nevada 89014

2084 Savannah River St, Henderson, Nevada 89044

2084 Savannah River St

Henderson, Nevada 89044

1121 Morning Melody Ct, Henderson, Nevada 89011

1121 Morning Melody Ct

Henderson, Nevada 89011

1229 Diamond Valley Street, Henderson, Nevada 89052

1229 Diamond Valley Street

Henderson, Nevada 89052

427 Serenity Point Dr, Henderson, Nevada 89012

427 Serenity Point Dr

Henderson, Nevada 89012

18 Grand Miramar Dr, Henderson, Nevada 89011

18 Grand Miramar Dr

Henderson, Nevada 89011

1306 Shimmering Glen Ave, Henderson, Nevada 89014

1306 Shimmering Glen Ave

Henderson, Nevada 89014

1232 Starview Peak Court, Henderson, Nevada 89012

1232 Starview Peak Court

Henderson, Nevada 89012

1699 Tangiers Dr, Henderson, Nevada 89012

1699 Tangiers Dr

Henderson, Nevada 89012

888 Vegas View Dr, Henderson, Nevada 89052

888 Vegas View Dr

Henderson, Nevada 89052

8 Carmenere Ct, Henderson, Nevada 89011

8 Carmenere Ct

Henderson, Nevada 89011

580 Saint Croix St, Henderson, Nevada 89012

580 Saint Croix St

Henderson, Nevada 89012

19 Sanctuary Peak Court, Henderson, Nevada 89012

19 Sanctuary Peak Court

Henderson, Nevada 89012

266 Collindale St, Henderson, Nevada 89074

266 Collindale St

Henderson, Nevada 89074

2599 San Giorgio Circle, Henderson, Nevada 89052

2599 San Giorgio Circle

Henderson, Nevada 89052

1038 Via di Olivia St, Henderson, Nevada 89011

1038 Via di Olivia St

Henderson, Nevada 89011

413 Cindy Circle, Henderson, Nevada 89015

413 Cindy Circle

Henderson, Nevada 89015

2768 Fountain Vista Ln, Henderson, Nevada 89074

2768 Fountain Vista Ln

Henderson, Nevada 89074

620 House Blend Ln, Henderson, Nevada 89052

620 House Blend Ln

Henderson, Nevada 89052

2730 Riceville Dr, Henderson, Nevada 89052

2730 Riceville Dr

Henderson, Nevada 89052

273 Jaramillo Ct, Henderson, Nevada 89052

273 Jaramillo Ct

Henderson, Nevada 89052

775 Blue Barrel St, Henderson, Nevada 89011

775 Blue Barrel St

Henderson, Nevada 89011

3038 Andretti Ln, Henderson, Nevada 89052

3038 Andretti Ln

Henderson, Nevada 89052

1905 Hovenweep St, Henderson, Nevada 89052

1905 Hovenweep St

Henderson, Nevada 89052

524 Teovani Street, Henderson, Nevada 89052

524 Teovani Street

Henderson, Nevada 89052

146 Lemongold St, Henderson, Nevada 89012

146 Lemongold St

Henderson, Nevada 89012

3203 La Mancha Way, Henderson, Nevada 89014

3203 La Mancha Way

Henderson, Nevada 89014

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