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Real Estate by Areen provides comprehensive real estate services at lucrative prices. Our team scours viable real estate properties in Las Vegas to make sure that you find your dream Las Vegas homes for sale or the ideal investment property in the entertainment capital of the world. Our ever-expansive listing of house for sale in Vegas is updated regularly and we are confident that you will find the kind of property that you are looking for. Regardless of whether you need a villa, a mansion or a 3 BHK apartment, connect with us and we will guide you through your journey of buying your home.

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Las Vegas, also known as the Entertainment Capital of the World, is an excellent place to live. The cost of living is low and the quality of life is high. The area is home to family-friendly activities and premium quality school districts. It is also a place where the playground is your backyard and you can choose to relax in or go out and explore. To become a part of this community, check out our wide selection of houses for sale in Las Vegas on our ads-free website. brings to you the finest real estate properties in the Greater Las Vegas area that you can call your home. Currently on the Las Vegas real estate market there are residential properties ranging from 2-bedroom, cozy apartments to 6-bedroom luxury mansions. Additionally, there are duplex for sale in Las Vegas, new homes for sale in Las Vegas, Luxury homes for sale in Las Vegas, Las Vegas mansions for sale, Las Vegas homes for sale with a pool, townhomes for sale in Las Vegas, custom homes Las Vegas, foreclosed homes in Las Vegas, and condos for sale in Las Vegas. The homes listed on our website come with fantastic living amenities and facilities that will make your life easier. Get in touch with us to live lavishly in the heart of the action and in one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world.

If you are an investor looking for great real estate opportunities, talk to our team. Share your details and our dynamic professionals will search for the right property on your behalf. We work with investors on a daily basis and guarantee to fetch you a good deal. Our property listings include a wide variety of villas and mansions that you can use as Airbnb or a holiday rental home.

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Are you thinking of moving to Vegas? It is a fantastic decision considering Vegas is the most happening place on earth. Las Vegas already boasts of several terrific gambling and entertainment joints, and with the Raiders stadium and other such projects in the pipeline, it promises to become the next big destination for bachelors, young couples and families. At Real Estate by Areen, we have a selection of Las Vegas homes for you to check out. You can find huge mansions with swimming pools, spacious 3 to 6BHK apartments and more. Our web site is constantly updated as new homes in Las Vegas are listed for sale. Be sure sure to keep checking until you find your dream home. For any other assistance regarding homes for sale in Las Vegas Nevada, feel free to reach out to our team. We are eager to satisfy your queries.

408 St Andrews Ct, Las Vegas, Nevada 89144

408 St Andrews Ct

Las Vegas, Nevada 89144

8764 S Buffalo Dr, Las Vegas, Nevada 89113

8764 S Buffalo Dr

Las Vegas, Nevada 89113

198 Upland Blvd, Las Vegas, Nevada 89107

198 Upland Blvd

Las Vegas, Nevada 89107

107 Sycamore Ln, Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

107 Sycamore Ln

Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

3464 Estes Park Dr, Las Vegas, Nevada 89122

3464 Estes Park Dr

Las Vegas, Nevada 89122

3265 Tenaya Way, Las Vegas, Nevada 89117

3265 Tenaya Way

Las Vegas, Nevada 89117

5032 Dancing Lights Ave, Las Vegas, Nevada 89130

5032 Dancing Lights Ave

Las Vegas, Nevada 89130

10798 Tapestry Winds St, Las Vegas, Nevada 89141

10798 Tapestry Winds St

Las Vegas, Nevada 89141

582 Blue Lagoon Dr, Las Vegas, Nevada 89110

582 Blue Lagoon Dr

Las Vegas, Nevada 89110

4980 Mountain Creek Dr, Las Vegas, Nevada 89148

4980 Mountain Creek Dr

Las Vegas, Nevada 89148

751 Wexler Ct, Las Vegas, Nevada 89107

751 Wexler Ct

Las Vegas, Nevada 89107

2833 High Sail Ct, Las Vegas, Nevada 89117

2833 High Sail Ct

Las Vegas, Nevada 89117

1580 Izabella Ave, Las Vegas, Nevada 89169

1580 Izabella Ave

Las Vegas, Nevada 89169

9675 Benedict Dr, Las Vegas, Nevada 89161

9675 Benedict Dr

Las Vegas, Nevada 89161

2025 Howard Ave, Las Vegas, Nevada 89104

2025 Howard Ave

Las Vegas, Nevada 89104

1641 Enclave Ct, Las Vegas, Nevada 89134

1641 Enclave Ct

Las Vegas, Nevada 89134

5156 Scenic Ridge Dr, Las Vegas, Nevada 89148

5156 Scenic Ridge Dr

Las Vegas, Nevada 89148

2656 E Russell Rd, Las Vegas, Nevada 89120

2656 E Russell Rd

Las Vegas, Nevada 89120

6542 Vigo Rd, Las Vegas, Nevada 89146

6542 Vigo Rd

Las Vegas, Nevada 89146

5123 Billman Ave, Las Vegas, Nevada 89122

5123 Billman Ave

Las Vegas, Nevada 89122

24 Olympia Chase Dr, Las Vegas, Nevada 89141

24 Olympia Chase Dr

Las Vegas, Nevada 89141

8301 Mount Logan Ct, Las Vegas, Nevada 89131

8301 Mount Logan Ct

Las Vegas, Nevada 89131

9101 Safeport Cove Ct, Las Vegas, Nevada 89117

9101 Safeport Cove Ct

Las Vegas, Nevada 89117

55 Promontory Ridge Dr, Las Vegas, Nevada 89135

55 Promontory Ridge Dr

Las Vegas, Nevada 89135

391 Crestview Dr, Las Vegas, Nevada 89124

391 Crestview Dr

Las Vegas, Nevada 89124

2990 Hammerwood Dr, Las Vegas, Nevada 89135

2990 Hammerwood Dr

Las Vegas, Nevada 89135

2575 S Tenaya Way, Las Vegas, Nevada 89117

2575 S Tenaya Way

Las Vegas, Nevada 89117

8965 S Tenaya Way, Las Vegas, Nevada 89113

8965 S Tenaya Way

Las Vegas, Nevada 89113

6330 S Bellisima St, Las Vegas, Nevada 89118

6330 S Bellisima St

Las Vegas, Nevada 89118

10511 Haywood Dr, Las Vegas, Nevada 89135

10511 Haywood Dr

Las Vegas, Nevada 89135

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